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QuickBooks Set Up

Ready to create Quickbooks systems in your business?

We begin all set ups with our exclusive Confidential Business Analysis.  We ask you the right questions to determine things you like and dislike about the system you currently have in place.  What are your goals and what do you need to achieve them?  What information do you want to gain?  Beyond a standard profit and loss report, what other kinds of information will help you be more successful?  Are your marketing dollars paying off?  Do you know which referral sources are pulling in clients?  Are referral patterns apparent?  No more relying on hunches – you will be able to know immediately where to focus your time and money.

Every business is unique.  QuickBooks can be especially tailored to your business.   Setting up QuickBooks properly is essential to future smooth accounting operations.  When existing data is plugged in correctly, it makes sense to you and your reports give reliable information.  You don’t have to be an accountant to use these dynamic programs, however, with the right set up, you can quickly think like one.

To begin the set up process call 619-688-9248. Or email us at info@ThriveBusinessServices.net.